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State of the Arts – when a sandwich is a statement

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Victoria Ward Victoria Ward

engagement with sandwiches & “trained incapacity”
Part 1

Standing among gallery goers on a very chilly Peterborough night I had a revelatory moment. Everyone was mightily engaged in discussions regarding food, meat, the human body, the earth and our supposed extinction as a species. I realized it had been a long time since I heard such cogent, lively and at times hilarious conversations while looking at art. It was the sandwiches. My partner Gary Blundell had the idea a year ago to exhibit his paintings of hanging animal carcasses while serving BLT’s at the opening. Gary thinks the bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich to be the most comical of sandwiches as well as the most iconic, especially to us central Ontarians who have all had the experience of eating one (or watching someone else eat one when one is a vegetarian) at a road side diner. What happened…

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