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State of the Arts – Elizabeth Fennell’s Attic of rebels

A wonderful profile of our space from writer (and member) Victoria Ward!

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Victoria Ward Victoria Ward

Gallery in the Attic is a local arts hub & a place of rebellion

I have in my email box a ton of invites and notices about panel discussions regarding the arts. There seems to be lots and lots of talk about the arts and how we should be “going forward” or “creating in the 21st century”. Personally I can’t think of anything less appealing than sitting in one of those awful hotel ballrooms watching a power point presentation highlighted by declamations and applause every time someone says how important the arts is for our children. I’d rather see the money spent on people who open galleries and actually engage with the public. But because I feel this way I am deemed a misfit. I like the word rebel better, it’s a little more au currant.

I get it though. We need to talk to each other, I guess…

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