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My life size figurative drawings take many hours to create but the initial concept and final work is after a raw, intimate, gut response to a moment in time. I can be completely analytical and realistic but often experiment and explore with the medium. My method involves gestural sketching, rubbing and manipulating charcoal on a white or semitransparent (mylar) surface. It is not until I distance myself from it, that I come to see the it in a separate time and space, and experience the immediacy of the work. This, I feel, moves it beyond the physical realm, and captures the complexity and energy of the human essence; transporting the traditional classical anatomy into contemporary art.

OAC LOGO BWWe gratefully acknowledge the support of the Exhibition Assistance program

For more about Anne’s work, see

The Gallery in open: Tues-Saturday 12-5pm
140 1/2 Hunter St. West, Ptbo
Opening Reception, Friday January 30th from 6-8
(followed by contemplative dub techno by Fever & Hans Ohm from 7-10)


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GITA location

Upstairs at:

140 1/2 Hunter Street West, Apt C
Peterborough, Ontario
K9H 2K8


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