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So what’s the word? Why so silent?

Hello all!

As the title of this post says “So what’s the word? Why so silent?” Well things have changed up at Gallery in the Attic, so here is a quick and simple run-down:

– October 7, 2015, Gallery in the Attic merged with the Peterborough Darkroom Project to now become a non-profit

– the Gallery in the Attic’s function remains the same BUT now the $50 membership also includes access to the longest running darkroom in Canada i.e. the Peterborough Darkroom Project

– Liz Fennell who set up this fantastic space is an active member but no longer in administrative position

– the Gallery in the Attic has an active Board and is Board and volunteer run

So what does all this mean?

This means that we’re in the midst of consolidating the office and the space to function for everyone since Liz is no longer the owner. Full organization takes time, so one thing that will help will be that the GITA will be closed the first week of January to really dig in. The Gallery in the Attic will re-open Tuesday, January 12, 2016.

Goals for the space include our own wifi and telephone and next computer. At the moment we can accept cash and cheque but we would like to include credit cards to that as well, and a computer would help with that.

This website has been silent because a new website is currently being created with the goal of being a place for visitors to get to know the members of Gallery in the Attic. This means getting information from all current members including 3-5 photos of work, a write up by the member of what they’d like to share as well as links out to blogs, online shops and websites that pertain to them.

It also means making sure we have absolute up-to-date records for all involved, so some major emailing needs to be done as well!

And that’s the latest for now!

– Jamie Campbell
GITA Board Secretary


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