Gallery in the Attic

Home of the Little Red Hen


Under Construction; Artist biographies coming soon!

The Little Red Hen is…

Alida P Caslake

Angie Chapman

Amber Johnson *

Anna Lightfoot

Anne Cavanagh

Annie Jaeger

Barb Hawthorn

Becca Jaine

Bec Groves *

Beth McCubbin

Bill Batten *

Brian Wagner *

Brianna Gosselin

Carol Rutherford

Christine Campbell

Cydnee Hosker

Dana Watts

David Bird

David Parson

Deb Reynolds

Dianne Latchford

Earl O’ Sandwiches (Jarrod Cameron)

Elizabeth Cooper *

Elizabeth Dell

Erin Parker

Esther Vincent

Gail Nicholson

Gary Blundell

Grace Mahoney

Greg Saul *

Hartley Stephenson

Heather Mercer *

Heidi den Hartog

Holly McClellan

Jake Bartoli *

James Ridyard *

Jamie Campbell-O’Brien

Jean James *

Jeff Macklin

Jen Graham *

Jimson Bowler

Joanne Calderone

Joe Stable

John Marris

Josie Van Ryn

Judy Scopes

Julie Douglas

Kath Lucas

Kay Gregg

Kelly O’Neil *

Ken Wood

Kevin Derrick

Lady Attica

Laurence Milner *

Lenore Wilson

Lisa Martini-Dunk

Lori Brand

Lucky Jackson

Lyall Brownlee

Mark S. Gagne

Marni Young

Mary Derrick

Mary Scheller *

Melodie McCullough

Michael Poulton

Micky Renders

Myria rei solas

Nancy Carter *

Natalie Thornhill *

Nicole Alfred

Nicole Cooper

Patti Blouin

Paul Caleb *

Paul Oldham

Peter Barron

Raechelle Kennedy *

Rebecca Padgett

Rob Niezen

Roz Hermant

Salome Shyan

Sandy MacFarlane

Studio Niku (Fin Taylor)

Suzanne Burden

Suzanna Steele

Terry Lamont

Victoria Wallace

Victoria Ward

Wendy Trusler

William Davenport

Yvonne Guerin

* indicates past or inactive members


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GITA location

Upstairs at:

140 1/2 Hunter Street West, Apt C
Peterborough, Ontario
K9H 2K8